1. @canablisssss in Toronto 

  2. Take away the Syrup soda feeling. 

    Take away, How we feeling, and Syrup Soda. 


  3. Chromat 

    Photo: Anthony Blue

  4. kingtexas:

    New Video: MoRuf - Togetherness/Compromise.  WATCH VIDEO HERE

    Director: King Texas (@KingTexas) 

    Cinematographer/Editor: Anthony Blue Jr. (@antbluejr) 

    Photos: Anthony Blue Jr.

    Woman/Man: Elise Peterson (@Currently_Elise) and Andre D Wagner (@photodre) 

    Subway Performers: SOULHOP (Carter Lee + Michael Summer) 

    Location: Kale Kastle / Brooklyn, NY 

    Love.Over.Everything +++

    (via moruf)

  5. No sleep…
    Stayed up for the sunrise …
    Always wanted to see this in person…
    We’re on the way to MN…
    I’m in need of a shower…
    I’m riding shot gun right now with no pillow . …
    Find me on snap chat (at Chicago, Illinois)

  6. I met this lady on the streets . She didn’t want anything from me . She left a message with me stating that everything will be ok . Maybe one of the realist humans I’ve ever encountered .

  7. What do they really know about it ? Photo: @melindagriffith

  8. #WhoIZBlue

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  9. @chikiuno walking for HBA

    S/S15 EGO #NYFW

    by: Anthony Blue


  10. Anonymous said: Your work is beautiful! What kind of camera and lens do you use?

    Thank you!  

    I use the Canon 6D and 50mm / 17mm / 28-135mm lenses 

  11. Hood By Air S/S15 EGO


    By: Anthony Blue

  12. Gypsi


    By: Anthony Blue

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  13. Gypsi


    By: Anthony Blue

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  14. at Galveston Island

  15. #BowDownTour - Episode 1 [Miami, Orlando, Tampa]

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