1. Back in the triple d for a few. Where there is love.. There is life. πŸ”΅ or something like that πŸ’™

  2. ✊ @marzyjane πŸ‘ŠπŸ”΅

  3. #DALLAS - I want to do some shooting while home. If you know anyone interested in creating , feel free to tag a friend or shoot an email / dm . #photography

  4. ✊ Uplift the black man πŸ™Œ / taken during the @sango_ show in Brooklyn. - @reallysl on film (at Glasslands Gallery)


  5. Anonymous said: Does living in New York affect your work?

    yes. My challenge now is shooting images that don’t look like they were taken in NY. It pushes you for sureΒ 


  6. jaystones said: nice work, keep it up!

    Thank you!Β 

  7. @unwantedboner

    GIF: Anthony Blue

  8. ashleyoutrageous

    Photo: Anthony Blue

  9. @UnwantedBoner on film

    Photo: Anthony Blue

  10. Bleu X Blue Agenda NYC 2014

    (Source: vimeo.com)


  11. Anonymous said: What's your dream project if you could do or create anything you wanted?

    im pretty basic/ i just wanna travel, shoot, and eat.

    my dream project involves the 3 and some how music is tied into it all.Β 


  12. yoobvious said: Anthony 2 questions if you have time; What's the story on the naked lady robbing the Bodega photo? Are you shotting for brands like 10DeepX or doing freelance stuff

    Naked lady robbing bodega - thats a project i worked on with flud watches. that was a scene for a calendar they did. shes wearing flud in the photo.Β 

    i’m freelancing for sure. Β 

  13. #trapwiz @mistercap πŸ”΅ #summerfridays (at Peir 40)

  14. @notthatcheney x #Manhattan πŸ”΅ #puddlegram

  15. πŸ¬πŸ¬πŸ”΅πŸ¬ #bleuxblue πŸ“· x @tashableu